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Big Island Carbon; Kona, Hawaii

Wed, September 20, 2017

Big Island Carbon; Kona, Hawaii

Corey Delta, with a long history of providing construction services to Hawaii’s industries, was selected to construct this plant located at the northern end of the island of Hawaii.

The result of decades of the processing of macadamia nuts is a virtual mountain of nutshells. Many possibilities have been explored as to the best use of this byproduct.

Big Island Carbon LLC was born of the concept of manufacturing industrial (activated) carbon and bio oil utilizing a charring process, producing a high-quality carbon in granular form for use in air, water filtration, in addition to pharmaceutical applications. Other uses are expected to evolve in the future. The bio oil will be utilized as fuel for the power generation module.

The project, with a value of approximately $25 million and in progress for about two years, has been acknowledged by Hawaii’s governor, the mayor of the island, and business and community leaders as a truly green project, providing employment and economic vitality for the islands.

The process is complex; the equipment is a proprietary nature, specially designed and fabricated for the project. Piping systems are of various alloys given the pressures/temperatures and media involved. To date, with on-site work hours of approximately 15,000, Corey Delta has experienced zero recordable accidents and zero weld defects, both consistent with our culture of safety and quality.

The project manager is Jack Frost who has spent considerable time on site. Our project superintendent is Don Martin, mechanical supervisor is Jim Kukuchka, and mechanical supervisor is Victor Ochoa.

Our heartfelt appreciation to all our team who have worked diligently to bring a challenging project to a sparkling success.