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A California Oil Company

Wed, September 20, 2017

A California Oil Company

California Oil Refinery Expansion Project   2009/2010

Corey Delta was mechanical contractor for the construction of the original plant in 1980. This expansion project nearly doubles the capacity of the existing plant. 

In today's "green" environment, this customer's process of re-refining lubricants provides a valuable, environmentally positive resource. Used oils are harvested throughout the Northern California region from a host of industries. This feedstock is processed through a state of the art refinery into lube oil base, asphalt flux and gas oil.  

Limited site space, a crowded work area, a very tight schedule necessitating a force of more than 165 Corey Delta folks (at peak) plus specialty contractors added to the usual complications of an accelerated project. A total of 150,000 work hours in eight months with no lost time accidents.Very challenging to say the least. 

Corey Delta installed 162 pieces of equipment with 36,000 lf of piping requiring 5,000 supports, accomplished safely and under our rigid quality control discipline, all accomplished in eight months.

All systems were completed and tested utilizing individual travelers and weld maps, resulting in an installation where every component and system can be drilled down to a level of personal accountability.

Mr. Kevin Rippee was our site manager, overseeing all supervision and crafts.