Gold Mine Project for Group Tucson

Northern Nevada

While Corey Delta has a lengthy history in the construction of aggregate plants, we have, quite naturally, extended that expertise to the world of the mining of precious metals.  Our largest project to date is the construction of an ore dryer and related work for Group Tucson in a mining operation.

This project involved site work, construction of rather massive foundations, installation of owner provided equipment and related work.

The dryer itself, twelve feet in diameter and forty feet in length; a propane fired device, had an assembled weight of more than 100 tons.  It was fabricated off shore, arrived in subassemblies and was assembled onsite by our forces.  Related equipment included 2 bag houses, their five foot diameter ducting and supporting structures, numerous fabrications, and a sophisticated effluent scrubber with a mercury removal process.  Propane piping and controls were fabricated on-site.  Several mid project changes presented challenges, among them the discovery that the fifteen foot diameter drive gear, arriving in four sections, did not have sufficient attachment bolt holes.  Our team secured magnetic drills and this retrofit work was accomplished in place.

Corey Delta's supervisor was Chad Thompson, a twenty year veteran of our team.  His organization, planning and expertise resulted in a 40,000 work/hour, nine months in duration, installation with zero reportable safety incidents.  The work was of the highest quality and efficiency.