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In-House Training Program

Wed, September 20, 2017

In-House Training Program

Dave George manages Corey Delta's Corporate craft training program. His ongoing efforts consist of recruiting and training new workers as well as offering current employees the opportunity to improve existing skills and learn new ones. For individuals interested in a career in construction, an initial class centered on basic construction skills is offered. It is made up of six modules including: basic safety, construction math, hand tools, power tools, blueprints, and rigging. By demonstrating the proper aptitude, a student can progress by attending classes offered in a range of curriculum such as welding, pipefitting, mechanics and millwrighting.

The class modules and instructional materials have been developed by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). Dave has been involved with NCCER since February 1998, when he became a certified Craft Instructor. Dave is very committed to this program. "The first NCCER course I taught was a welding class, which covered four modules. I was impressed with how well the curriculum was organized and how easy it was to present." Dave appreciates the timesaving involved with this program. "The NCCER modules are a tightly wrapped package that allows the instructor to focus on student learning and application of that learning through skill improvement, rather than the time consuming task of curriculum development.

Last July, Dave became a Master Trainer, which allows him to train Craft Instructors. This October, he attended a class in Gainesville, Florida in order to become a NCCER certified Assessment Administrator. This is one of the steps necessary before Corey Delta can become involved in offering craft assessment tests through the NCCER. This process allows craftspeople to accumulate nationally recognized documentation of their skills acquired through classes or on-the-job experience.

Dave holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Metallurgy from San Jose State University and an MBA from Golden Gate University and has spent over twenty years working in education and construction.