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Wed, September 20, 2017

Corey Delta, being a merit shop contractor, offers numerous opportunities for advancement. Entry level personnel, through training and experience, may progress to any number of advanced skilled positions within the organization.


Corey Delta has trained craftspeople utilizing industry standard curriculum since 1983. Our training has proven it's portability on many occasions and, until recently, we offered welding training in Sonora, Mexico.   

Many of our craftspeople possess nationally accepted certifications of journeyman status obtained through our NCCER training classes.



  • All candidates must successfully pass weld tests per ASME section IX.


  • Assembly, installation, testing, and maintenance of industrial piping and piping systems.
  • Understands and utilizes the pipefitters "blue book."
  • Basic understanding of isometric and orthographic drawings.

Journeyman Pipefitter:

  • Perform at a Journeyman level with little or no supervision.
  • Capable of total layout, fabrication, assembly, testing and maintenance of piping and piping systems, fixtures and equipment for steam, hot water, heating, cooling, lubrication and all phases of industrial and manufacturing processing systems.


  • Capable of reading blueprints.
  • Familiar with the use of precision measuring tools including laser alignment equipment.
  • Familiar with aligning rotating equipment with both dial indication and laser alignment.
  • Capable of assisting in the repair of all types of pumps, compressors and conveyor systems.

Journeyman Millwright/Machinist:

  • Capable of performing at a Journeyman level.
  • Familiar with the basics of metallurgy and is knowledgeable of the metals used in various services.
  • Understands various types of bearing and the proper application and maintenance of each.
  • Capable of proper selection and installation of packing and all types of mechanical seals.
  • Capable of troubleshooting and repair of most types of pumps, compressors, drivers and conveyor systems.


  • Basic understanding of civil prints and general carpentry terminology.
  • Complete working understanding of all carpentry tools and procedures, and has the ability to follow written and oral directions.
  • Understanding of industrial concrete work such as form work, concrete placement and finishing techniques.

Journeyman Carpenter:

  • Complete understanding of all carpentry tools.
  • Read and interpret civil prints and is capable of using and understanding a transit.
  • Working understanding of concrete work such as: forms, fabrication, installation and finishes.
  • Must be able to layout from prints and specs.

Equipment Operator:

  • Must pass all applicable operators tests.
  • Basic understanding of maintenance requirements for each type of equipment operated.
  • Must have the ability to perform pre-operation inspections.

Corey Delta is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is seeking qualified employees without regard to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, or any other consideration made unlawful under federal, state or local laws.