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Wed, September 20, 2017

The National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER), in affiliation with the University of Florida, develops and publishes standardized construction, maintenance, and pipeline curriculum, safety programs, management education, industry image materials and craft skills assessments.

NCCER Sponsorship

Corey Delta training center utilizes this organization for training purposes. All students that receive training delivered by an NCCER Accredited Training Sponsor are eligible to receive transcripts and documentation of their training accomplishments.

NCCER Operator Qualification and Certification Center

As an accredited NCCER assessment center, Corey Delta offers written assessment tests in all NCCER subject areas including Operator Qualification (OQ). Operator Qualification can be very confusing. This confusion is due in part to the regulations established by the Federal Department of Transportation (DOT) which went into effect in October 2002. These regulations require each Pipeline Company to establish a compliance plan that allows for variations in implementing the law’s requirements. Contractors interested in complying with what has been commonly called Operator Qualification requirements are tasked with developing a plan that addresses the following issues:

  • Designating an approved record-keeping organization to validate an individual worker's required mastery of subject matter and skill as defined in covered task lists established by the pipeline company.
  • Designating an approved evaluation process, such as the NCCER, as the process used to determine if the worker has the required knowledge and skill for the covered tasks required on the job.
  • Establishing a procedure for dealing with matters related to re-evaluation, non-OQ qualified personnel, subcontractors, and communication of changes in the OQ plan.

When an approved worker evaluation and reporting system such as the NCCER and ISNetworld have been chosen, the process of assessment can begin. Corey Delta, as an accredited NCCER Assessment and Certification Center, offers written assessment tests in all subject areas supplied by the NCCER. A person interested in documenting their skill for a particular trade or for OQ tasks should have at least four years experience working in the field before taking an assessment test.

There are several Pipeline OQ test categories. Construction companies will generally be most interested in the category of Pipeline Maintenance Technician. The Pipeline Maintenance Technician Test (PMTT) encompassing approximately 150 questions must be taken and passed to receive Pipeline Maintenance Technician OQ certification. This test assesses all covered tasks identified in the Maintenance Technician category. The test taker must correctly answer at least 70% of the questions dealing with each particular item to pass each OQ covered task. Passing the exam certifies the person as a Pipeline Maintenance Technician but individual Performance Verification tests may still be a requirement according to each pipeline company’s requirements. A training prescription is available that identifies the specific NCCER training module that can be studied to learn the material for the covered tasks with less than passing scores. These training modules are available from Corey Delta or the NCCER. Performance Verifications will soon be available for covered tasks in the Pipeline Maintenance Technician area.



A Master Trainer is authorized to train Craft Instructors and must be trained and certified directly by the NCCER. Corey Delta currently has one Master Trainer on staff:

Dave George

Dave is the manager of Corey Delta’s Craft Training Program and has been a certified NCCER Craft Instructor since 1998, and a certified NCCER Master Trainer since 2001. Dave retains a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Education from California State University, San Jose, and a Master of Arts in Business Administration from Golden Gate University.

Experience overview: Dave has been an instructor for Solano County Regional Occupational Programs since 1986, teaching welding and industrial mechanics. His responsibilities also included recruiting and placement of employees and heading up the advisory committee. In addition, Dave has been an instructor for Corey Delta’s training program since 1996 and continues development of the training program utilizing the NCCER curriculum.


A Craft Instructor is authorized to teach the NCCER Construction and Maintenance Curricula. All NCCER Craft Instructors must successfully complete the Instruction Certification Training Program (ICTP) for Craft Instructors by an NCCER certified Master Trainer. Corey Delta currently has eight Craft Instructors on staff:

  • Jim Kukuchka – (Pipefitting)
  • Dave George- (Welding)
  • Jake Witkowski- (Pipefitting)
Our Craft Instructors are conducting classes in one or more of the crafts listed (i.e. Construction Craft Laborer, Core Curriculum, Millwright, Pipefitting, Pipeline and Welding)


Corey Delta performs computer-based testing and hands-on training by utilizing in-house NCCER training curricula. Corey Delta is an Accredited Training Sponsor and an Accredited Assessment Center for the NCCER. Our training center is open to anyone wanting to enhance their skills in the crafts being offered or to learn a craft(s) at entry level.

Dave George manages Corey Delta’s Corporate Craft Training Program. His ongoing efforts consist of recruiting and training new workers as well as offering current employees the opportunity to improve existing skills and learn new ones. For individuals interested in a career in construction, an initial class centered on basic construction skills is offered. It is made up of six modules, including: basic safety, construction math, hand tools, power tools, blueprints and rigging. By demonstrating the proper aptitude, a student can progress by attending classes offered in a range of curriculum such as welding, pipefitting and millwrighting.

The class modules and instructional materials have been developed by the National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER). Dave has been involved with NCCER since February 1998, when he became a certified Craft Instructor. In 2001, Dave became a Master Trainer, which allows him to train Craft Instructors. In addition, he completed a class in Gainesville, Florida, in order to become an NCCER certified Assessment Administrator.


Corey Delta has trained craftspeople utilizing industry standard curriculum since 1983. Our training has proven it's portability on many occasions and, until recently, we offered welding training in Sonora, Mexico.   

Many of our craftspeople possess nationally accepted certifications of journeyman status obtained through our NCCER training classes.

Corey Delta is an Equal Opportunity Employer and is seeking qualified employees without regard to race, religion, creed, color, national origin, or any other consideration made unlawful under federal, state or local laws.