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Our Commitment to Quality

Wed, September 20, 2017

Our Commitment to Quality

Quality is number one is an old maxim that has been around for years, yet remains the foundation from which Corey Delta continues to conduct its business. In order to assure our total commitment to quality company-wide, Larry Brown, a senior vice president at Corey Delta, has recently been appointed to the position of Manager of Quality Assurance. Larry is working closely with the Human Resources and Training Departments to target individuals and areas in need of added training and course curriculum that would help improve quality and performance in the field. The Quality Assurance Department is as important and accountable as our Safety and Training Departments. Our Quality Assurance Policies and Procedures manual covers the following areas that are essential in order to insure a high level of performance and consistency.

Material Control

Procurement, receiving, storage, identification and non-conformances of all materials on job site.


Assures that all welding will conform to all governing codes and specifications. The areas included are: Welder performance requirements; Nondestructive Examinations (NDE) for Visual, Liquid Penetrant, Magnetic Particle, and Radiographic; Testing Procedures, and Repair Procedures.


Includes minimum inspection activities, frequency, acceptance criteria and documentation required in order to assure and provide objective evidence that the facility is constructed to the degree of quality specified by the contract documents and applicable codes/standards. The areas included are: Control and Calibration, Records, Civil, Structural, Piping, Boiler Assembly, Mechanical, Stored Material/Equipment, Electrical, and Instrumentation.

Systems Turnover

Outlines the procedures and responsibilities for inspection and testing of mechanical equipment to assure that a system is ready for commissioning activities. The areas included are: Mechanical, Piping, and Electrical.

Quality assurance efforts take place both in the field and in the office, addressing issues that affect all levels within the company. Without this broad-based approach, no single group or department can achieve the high levels of quality and commitment we demand of ourselves. We owe this to our dedication to employee communication through interaction between individual employees and departments. Our commitment throughout the entire organization benefits our company and leads to the most important goal, total quality management for our customers.