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Wed, September 20, 2017
As United States industry matures and or relocates due to environmental and/or economic reasons, we are often called upon to dismantle plants and, sometimes, re-construct them in new locations.

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While these occurences contain a dimension of emotionality, we tactfully assist our clients in the systematic shutting down of their processes. At the direction of the client, we dismantle, piece-mark and crate various components. We are sometimes requested to handle the shipping and co-ordinating of components. In all these operations, we invite the client to lend plant operators/workers assistance in the labor. This can, and usually does, provide closure for key dis-placed client employees. On occasion, we have assimilated some of these employees creating new members of our team.

Our Services Include:

  • Dis-assembly
  • Disposal of unwanted pieces, structures, etc.
  • Assisting in marketing various components
  • Preperation and storing of various plant assemblies
  • Piece marking of components to facilitate reassembly
  • Loading of trucks and/or rail cars
  • Transportation
  • Decommissioning and recommissioning of systems