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Wed, September 20, 2017

Corey Delta Constructors is pleased to announce the completion of 2.4 Million safe work hours over the preceding five years. This record, once before attained in 1999, is the result of our total company commitment to safe work practices. This achievement has resulted in a worker's compensation modification rate of 0.71.


 The foundation of our safety program is the commitment of all our employees and the dedication of senior management to a common goal of zero accidents and incidents. At Corey Delta, safety is priority one.


Some examples include:
MSHA (Mine Safety Health Administration) Training: Certify employees for work in mine sites, quarries and other facilities regulated by this agency. Part 46 and Part 48 training with in house MSHA Certified Instructor.  
Hazwoper (Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response): Instruction includes the complete 40-hour certification course and annual 8-hour refresher training.  

NCCCO (National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators): Our crane operators are trained through Corey Delta's in-house program; they are then certified by the NCCCO.

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration): OSHA construction safety certification upon completion of  prescribed courses.

Crises Management: Our comprehensive plan to respond to a crisis or emergency situation.

Competent Person Training:  Rigging, signal persons, trenching and excavation, fall protection, and confined space

IIPP (Injury and Illness Prevention Program): Our IIPP meets or exceeds federal and state regulatory requirements.

SUBSTANCE ABUSE: We conduct pre-employment, suspicion/reasonable cause, post-accident, follow up, and random testing. We provide new employee substance abuse awareness training and more extensive supervisor training. Our Drug and Alcohol program is in compliance with the Department of Transportation 49 CFR Part 40 Regulations and have employees enrolled in the PHMSA and FMCSA pools.


safety record and awards won by our management teamOne of the most important elements of our safety culture is employee involvement. We promote safe employee behaviors and attitudes. A good safety attitude is a condition of employment. Our excellent safety record, illustrated in numerous safety awards, is the result of our company-wide passion for, and dedication to, workplace safety. We require individual participation and commitment through training and education, and we provide recognition and incentives. Our management team is continuously involved in our safety efforts. Management expects and requires full compliance with our safety program, with the anticipation of zero accidents and incidents.

We're very proud we've recently surpassed the milestones of working more than 2 years and 400,000 hours without a single recordable injury, and more than 5 years and 2.4 million hours without any lost-time injuries. Our current Worker's Compensation Experiance Modification Rate of .71%

When you work with Corey Delta, you will benefit from the great value that is the natural outcome of our constant commitment to safety.


  Safety Certificate of Commendation for Excellent Safety Record (Zero Incidence Rate – 50,000 work hours and over Heavy/Industrial Division) Associated General Contractors of America (AGC)

Safety Certificate of Commendation for Excellent Safety Record (25% below division incidence rate Heavy/Industrial Division) AGC of America 

Safety Award of Excellence – 1st Place - AGC of California 

Two Time Safety Awarded of Excellence – 2nd Place – AGC of California

Safety Award of Excellence – Best Record – 1st Place – AGC of America

Shell Oil Products US - Martinez Refinery - Best Performance by a Contractor

   Shell Oil Products US -  Martinez Refinery -18 Years Without a Single Recordable Injury

   Tesoro Golden Eagle Refinery - Oustanding Participant in the Contractor Action Safety Committee

  Conoco Phillips San Francisco Refinery - Outstanding Safety Performance 

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