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The Path of Continuous Improvement

Wed, September 20, 2017

The Path of Continuous Improvement

We look ahead with confidence and optimism. However, given the current challenging economic conditions and outlook, our confidence is tempered with considered caution.

As time goes by, we must be increasingly efficient and flexible in order to effectively react to the changing conditions of our markets. We will continue on this course.

The foundation of our path towards increasing efficiency and flexibility is continuous improvement. We clearly understand that the importance of continuous improvement cannot be undervalued, given an ever-changing and increasingly complex and competitive business environment. This mindset is more important to us today than ever before. More and more, it shapes many of the important business decisions we make. Many of our efforts are focused on improving our core capabilities and strengths, and this increases the value of the services we provide our clients.

Here are some very important aspects of our business that we continuously strive to improve:


The importance of safety in our industry is ever-increasing. Safety is a pervasive thread controlling our business decisions and operations. Safety is a frequent and key topic of discussion in our management and supervisor’s meetings, and every day on every job site. Our efforts towards improving our safety performance include growing our staff of safety professionals significantly, and the active encouragement and facilitation of the participation of all our employees in our continuous safety effort.

Quality Control

Given our size, our quality control processes set us apart. The extent and sophistication of our quality assurance and control procedures, requirements, oversight, and documentation ensures quality services. We clearly understand that it is our sole responsibility to make sure that all our services are of the highest possible quality.

Human Resources

At its core, Corey Delta is a group of individuals working together for a common purpose. Our employees are also owners of Corey Delta, through our ESOP. Our people are the most important part of our business. We encourage individual self-improvement by providing training opportunities, and we actively look for new employees to join our team who can help us to excel. We will achieve our best results with self-motivated, well-trained, and experienced personnel.


Inadequate and ineffective communication causes problems and failures, small and large. We constantly and actively work to improve our verbal and written communication skills at all levels. Open, effective, and respectful communication between our team members and between Corey Delta and all its partners and clients is key to our future success.

Our long history has significant value in that it allows us to bring a great deal of diverse, beneficial experience to our client’s projects. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished. However, this experience has little value to our clients on its own. We recognize the folly of developing an attitude where we come to think we are invaluable, and therefore secure, because of our history, knowledge, and experience.

What we’ve accomplished in the past matters, but it doesn’t deserve undue emphasis. The service we provide our clients today and tomorrow is what really counts – and this is what we must strive to continuously improve.

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