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Meet Victor Ochoa

Wed, September 20, 2017


Meet Victor Ochoa

Victor joined our team in July of 1999. He came to Corey Delta with a great attitude and a desire to excel.

Victor Ochoa Corey Delta's Featured EmployeeIn the 10 years since, Victor has progressed from entry-level mechanic to superintendent due to his inherent mechanical ability, his personal integrity, and his professionalism.

Victor began his career with us working in the mining and building material sectors, and he currently oversees capitol projects at a Bay Area refinery. His wide range of experience and willingness to accept new challenges allow him to have a positive impact on any project he is involved in.

In the process of delivering great value, quality and safety to our clients, he has set an example and become a mentor for our newer, entry-level employees.   

We are very proud to have Victor on our team.